La Torre de Hercules

Sere un tonto a cambio de tu amor

Seguramente se puedan decir muchas cosas de mi traduccion de "Fool For Your Loving", pero pienso que he captado el sentido mas que las palabras. ¿Alguien se anima a traducir la letra? Mas que nada para comparar traducciones posteriormente...


I was born under a bad sign, left out in the cold
I'm a lonely man who knows just what it means to lose control
But I took all the heartache and turned it to shame
Now I'm movin', movin' on and I ain't taking the blame
Don't come running to me, I know I've done all I can
A hard loving woman like you just makes a hard loving man
So I can say it to you, babe: I'll be a fool for your loving no more
A fool for your loving no more
I'm so tired of trying, I always end up crying
A fool for your loving no more, I'll be a fool for your loving no more

I'm tired of hiding my feelings, you left me lonely too long
I gave my heart and you tore it apart
Oh, baby you done me wrong

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